The effect of the latest advances in the aluminum extrusion and manufacturing world has had a tremendous impact on the transportation industry along with everything that is associated with it. Let’s consider some of these effects and how they are bound to change the landscape of the world in the coming years and decades.

aluminum extrusions & manufacturing

For starters, the most in-demand products tend to be aluminum profiles and aluminium extruded products that are used in the manufacturing of airplanes and automobiles. However, these are not the complete picture. In fact, other small items such as bicycles, skateboards, and hoverboards are nowadays using aluminum more than ever. These smaller items are bound to form a bigger part of the industry in the coming years. Indeed, nowadays, the large manufactured goods such as cars are no longer the majority of the market for manufacturing aluminum. Other small things are playing a bigger role.

Hover Boards

So how are these other more trivial things affecting transportation and the way that people move in the twenty-first century? That is a great question that we ought to look at in detail. The advent of hover boards is allowing people to use these small gliding machines to travel from one place to another in a seamless and effortless manner. More city driving will be replaced with some of these technologies over the new few years. People want a transportation method that is useful, light and easy, and hover boards are one of the easiest ways to travel to a destination that is within a few km with ease.

Big Travel

Airplanes will always be the main method of travel for larger distances. And the use of aluminum fabrication and extrusion profiles in the aerospace industry is will-documented. However, there is a recent trend in the industry towards smaller lighter and more fuel efficient places. These planes come from companies such as Bombardier in Canada, and they are producing more and more of them.


The use of these smaller jet planes is also quite popular for executive travel. In fact, more rich people are buying their planes nowadays than at any other point in the past. Planes such as the Bombardier Learjet 75 is one of the most popular ones on the market. These planes rely to a very large degree on aluminium extruders to produce the light, strong metal that makes us the core of the plane. In Canada, Signature Aluminium extrusion company has been one of the leaders in providing the extrusion profiles and the necessary fabrication and manufacturing processes to meet such a demand. Furthermore, the cost of the aluminum shapes such as the aluminum t slot is excellent for the use in these airplanes and the aerospace industry as a whole. That makes the companies that perform extrusion of aluminum one of the key players in the performance and success of this transportation segment.